Supporting the Dreams of Entrepreneurs Seeking Opportunities in the United States

Are you a talented entrepreneur seeking to launch in the United States? If you are exploring the essential steps to doing business in the United States, NNU Immigration can help.  NNU Immigration is highly knowledgeable and experienced in advising entrepreneurs in the steps required to qualify for an investor visa.  We are inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit that drives talented foreign nationals to seek opportunities in the United States and welcome the opportunity to work with the start-up community.   We strongly believe in the power of entrepreneurs to have a positive economic impact in the United States by creating jobs for local workers.  Our firm can provide strategic advice and represent you in front of the Treaty Investor Visa Office of US Embassies around the world.  Our lawyers have experience in assisting clients throughout Europe and globally.  For more information about our services please click here. To discuss how we can assist you please click here.