Quick Visa Approvals Following Corporate Acquisition

A London-based, business-to-business publishing company was in the process of selling a division of its global operations to another transatlantic publishing house. Under the terms of the acquisition agreement, the employees of the subsidiary would transfer to the new ownership. A number of employees needed new visas in order to continue working in their New York location.

The companies thought that they could easily transfer the visas from one company to the other as part of the larger transaction. The acquiring publishing house approached NNU Immigration for help and we advised them that the employees would need new visas – not an easy task in the short time frame that was proposed. Making things even more complicated was the fact that the employees held a number of different types of visas, all with specific rules for transferring to another employer. After considerable strategizing, we recommended that the acquiring company apply for an investor visa, since its investment of capital in the US exceeded government requirements and both the company and a majority of the employees in question held British nationality. This route allowed the subsidiary’s employees to apply for new visas under the acquiring company’s name within the desired timeframe. The company’s petition for investor status was successful, helping to minimize the extent of disruption during the acquisition process