Radio Crew Approved to Cover Music Awards Show

A major London radio station wanted to send a team to Los Angeles to cover the GRAMMY awards. The crew, comprised of on-air talent, producers and engineers of the radio show, wanted to cover both the pre-award festivities as well as the event itself. The question we faced was whether our client was eligible to obtain a visa for foreign media coming to the U.S. to cover events for a foreign audience. Any other visa option would have been time and labor intensive and would not be approved in time for the broadcast.

In order to obtain a visa for the crew, we were required to demonstrate that the event was newsworthy; it had to have news content and be an informative broadcast for their UK listenership. Under this definition, we were able to make a persuasive case that the broadcast was newsworthy in that it would cover a major event within the billion pound music industry. We were able to quickly obtain their visas, allowing them to reach the US in time to cover the GRAMMY events.