Streamlined Solution for Global Fashion Company

A global company with expertise in trend forecasting for fashion and creative industries had been using a competing law firm to handle their immigration business. The company was quite large, generating over $25 million in US sales, and had numerous subsidiaries. To handle its visa applications, the other law firm was applying for L-1 petitions for each employee seeking to work in the United States.

When the company came to us looking for legal representation, we performed our due diligence to better understand the situation, poring over the company’s records and evaluating the company’s visa options. The company had completed a significant acquisition and grown substantially in recent years. Since it now had over $25 million in US sales and at least three global offices, it was eligible for a Blanket L visa, which would provide blanket coverage for the company’s qualified employees. Visa applications submitted under the Blanket L scheme give the company a great deal of flexibility in its global resource allocation process. Further, the company was eligible for E-2 treaty investor visa status by virtue of the nationality of its shareholders and the substantial investment made in the United States. This change turned out to have such a large impact on the way the company did business that it was able to help generate more revenue for the company through efficient flow of knowledge and talent from the UK to the US office.