"It is a pleasure to write this testimonial for NNU Immigration. I have travelled to America regularly for over 20 years; using the ESTA Visa Waiver Programme. I was unable to renew my ESTA earlier this year due to a number of mishaps , including my own ill health. With my travel plans in disarray, I was fortunately advised to contact NNU Immigration and Nita Upadhye. The disciplined and structured approach to my problem appealed to my professional background. This was coupled with friendly guidance and prompt replies to emails and telephone calls. Within 2 weeks of contacting NNU Immigration, my Visa was granted."
Private Client, B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa


"Nita and her team at NNU Immigration helped us to register our office in the US and to secure E-2 visas for key staff members.    Their obvious in-depth knowledge of the various processes, their quick response to our numerous queries and their practical help in compiling our applications were impressive and reassuring.   I would highly recommend them for their expertise and their friendly, unflappable approachability."
Market Research Agency, E-2 Registration


"I came to NNU with a challenging B1/B2 visa application due to an extraordinary set of circumstances starting with the theft of my passport. I was very stressed about it as much was at stake affecting the organisation I run. Nita was recommended to me. Throughout the entire process I felt very fortunate. I was clearly in expert hands and Nita and her team were so helpful, agreeable and supportive. I was also kept very well informed as to the steps and what everything meant from jargon on forms to deciphering delays and actions. Whatever the outcome, I knew there was nothing more that could be done. In the end the application was successful. Suffice to say, I was extremely happy. A superb service from start to glorious finish."     
Private Client, B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa


"I was first introduced to Nita in 2003 after a recommendation directly from the US embassy.  After successfully processing an extremely challenging H1B case for two ambitious creative entrepreneurs, NNU Immigration has continued to service our company throughout our growth and has processed in excess of 20 visas with a 100% record of success, including H1Bs, O, and E2 visas.  NNU Immigration is meticulous in their approach, and their in-depth knowledge of the workings of the London embassy has proven invaluable time and again.  We have also referred NNU Immigration to other colleagues and peers in the media and design sector, and NNU Immigration has maintained a 100% success rate on these referrals too.  The results speak for themselves, but it is also worthy of note that all cases are handled with warmth, personality, and a human touch."
Media and Communications, H1B Professional Visa, O-1 Extraordinary Ability Visa, E-2 Investor/E-1 Trader Visa 


"I recently applied for an E-2 visa to work for a New York-based company with the assistance of NNU Immigration. The lawyers at NNU Immigration maintained a high level of professionalism and expertise yet were extremely personable. Their exceptional knowledge not only about the visa process but my personal case was very reassuring. The NNU Immigration lawyers made sure the whole experience was as seamless for me as possible, which put me at ease. I am incredibly grateful for their hard work and diligence, and I could not recommend their services enough."
Media and Advertising, E-2 Investor/E-1 Trader Visa


"NNU Immigration assisted us in applying for an E-2 visa so that we could develop our technology business in the United States. They gave us in-depth and valuable knowledge that allowed us to first prepare our business plan for the application and then continued to support us by filing our application. I seriously cannot recommend their services enough. I always felt fully informed and up to date throughout the entire process. I won’t hesitate to call the NNU Immigration lawyers when we need assistance in the future."
Technology sector, E-2 Investor/E-1 Trader Visa


"The service you have provided has been flawless and efficient… many thanks for the help and support you have provided our company."
Oil and Gas Industry, E-2 Investor/E-1 Trader Visa


"It was an absolute pleasure for us both to work with NNU Immigration. The visa process is very daunting and from the first contact with NNU Immigration we felt at ease as we knew that we had gone to the right place. The NNU Immigration lawyers walked us through our options and laid everything out on the table, making it seem possible. Their calm, friendly, professional, extremely knowledgeable approach made the whole process so much smoother, and NNU Immigration were there with us the whole time. We would have absolutely no hesitation recommending NNU Immigration for any US immigration related law matters. The NNU Immigration lawyers gave us the opportunity to help make our dream a reality."
Private Client, Green Card & Naturalization


"The NNU Immigration lawyers prepared my I visa renewal application and could not have been more helpful. Their expert advice and thorough preparation at each stage helped the whole process go smoothly. I would not hesitate to recommend Nita and her team to anyone requiring a US immigration lawyer."
Media and entertainment, I Media Visa


"I hired NNU Immigration to help me with an O-1A Visa application to the US. I have a background in medicine and health technology and was not sure if I would qualify for an extraordinary alien visa. The NNU Immigration team was incredibly knowledgable and thorough - they talked me through the options that were open to me and how we could work toward achieving the best outcome. Throughout the process I had complete confidence in their professional ability and furthermore I really felt they cared about helping me achieve the best outcome. I was very happy to be granted an O-1A Alien of extraordinary ability visa and am looking forward to 3 years in the US building and growing my health technology company. NNU Immigration has been a significant formative factor in making this possible and I cannot recommend them highly enough."
Health Technology, O-1 Extraordinary Ability Visa


"In 1986 I was convicted of a drug violation in the United States. I am a British citizen and have two American children and a grandchild. For years I have struggled to be able to obtain a B-2 visitor visa and waiver of inadmissibility. With the expert help of NNU Immigration, a package was put together to present to the Embassy in support of my application. I can truly say with hand on heart that working with NNU Immigration has made my life so much easier. I felt that they genuinely cared about my individual case with a lot of patience and compassion, always returning my calls and emails and encouraging me when I felt down. Genuinely lovely professionals that I have no hesitation in recommending."
Private Client, B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa and Criminal Waiver


"NNU Immigration service was excellent. NNU Immigration lawyers spent all the time I felt I needed to explain things and advise and I felt reassured and very prepared for my meeting at the Consulate. I was responded to quickly and efficiently at all times."
Private Client, Renunciation of Citizenship


"NNU Immigration supported me in my US VISA application and provided relevant and useful information and insight prior to my interview. I would highly recommend anyone who is hoping for a quickly expedited application or where there may be some grey areas around the application to use NNU Immigration services."
Business Consulting, B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa


"NNU Immigration lawyers are consummate professional who really understands their area and her clients. They guided me with real care and patience through a quite convoluted Visa process to a very successful conclusion. Without them I would have been lost and more than somewhat intimidated. If you have a query or problem related to US Visas I'd recommend them without reservation."
Business consulting, B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa


"NNU Immigration team is very thorough and a pleasure to work with. At no point during the process did I ever feel like I was just another client file. Their advice and thought process was conveyed in a practical way; They made working through a bureaucratic process as painless as possible."
Private Client, Green Card & Naturalization


"During the preparation for our latest documentary production we needed to acquire visas to shoot in the US, and fairly quickly. NNU Immigration expert knowledge of US visa applications and immigration made me feel at ease with the process immediately and NNU Immigration made sure we were supremely prepared for any eventuality. I can't recommend their service highly enough."
Media and entertainment, I Media Visa


"I highly recommend NNU Immigration. They have a deep knowledge of the immigration and visa process and leaves nothing to chance. I felt informed during the whole application and was prepared with a mock interview before the real thing."
Media and entertainment, I Media Visa


"My company employed NNU Immigration to manage my Immigrant VISA process. Due to personal timelines, there was pressure to ensure a smooth process and ensure accuracy with the application. NNU Immigration guidance and attention to detail was invaluable and a constant reassurance. In the end the application was very smooth and I was over prepared for the interview, which is exactly how I hoped to be!
I would highly recommend NNU Immigration for their considerate, conscientious and high level of accuracy. I'll always be grateful for their guidance and that I received my VISA at the first application."
Social media organization, Green Card & Naturalization


"Splash News relied heavily on NNU Immigration to help bring skilled British-trained news photographers into the US. Starting a new life abroad and navigating the US immigration system can be baffling, bewildering and daunting. But NNU Immigration cool confidence, intimate knowledge of the law, calm assessment of each case on its individual merits and obvious expertise made the process so slick, each and every time. NNU Immigration processed over 30 successful applications for our company over a decade. I have no hesitation in recommending their services for your immigration needs."
Media and entertainment, I Media Visa


"Visa considerations can be critical in any production and when we spoke to NNU Immigration regarding an upcoming US-based project they simply said "Don't worry you will be the best prepared person in the room". And quite simply we were. The whole process was a breathe as they knew exactly how to address simply and effectively all aspects of our Media Visa application. We were delighted and really would warmly recommend NNU Immigration to anyone with a US immigration query."
Media and entertainment, I Media Visa


"I have been working with Nita since 2003, primarily with our company's applications for L1A and B visas. Nita's vast knowledge of USA immigration clearly shines through and she has great ability to explain things in a way that makes you feel comfortable with what could be a very complex and stressful process. She is always keen to involve the client with the application to ensure the best information possible is presented. A real feeling of teamwork is created and you always know that everything possible for success has been done. All seven of our L1 applications have been successful and some have been extremely challenging. Anyone needing an expert and friendly US immigration lawyer should look no further than NNU Immigration."
Manufacturing, L-1 Intracompany Transfer Visa and B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa


"From the outset NNU Immigration was able to put me at ease with their excellent preparedness and sound expertise in obtaining I-Visas. NNU Immigration left nothing to chance and prepared me for every eventuality as well as being very personable and a pleasure to work with. Their office's close proximity to the US Embassy also made the whole experience smooth and stress-free. I wouldn't hesitate to hire them again or recommend them. Thanks NNU Immigration!"
Media and entertainment, I Media Visa


"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend NNU Immigration. They are complete experts in their field, achieving for us a great result but delivered in a calm and friendly manner."
Media and entertainment, I Media Visa